Social Responsibility

Vink Chemicals is supporting the protection of whales

Vink Chemicals supports the organization Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) twice - with a marine conservation sponsorship in favor of harbor porpoises and a sponsorship for the female humpback whale SALT.

They are the only cetaceans native to the North and Baltic Seas: harbor porpoises. But the marine mammals are threatened by fishing, underwater noise, plastic waste and shipping traffic. Vink Chemicals supports the protection of the toothed whales, which grow up to 2.50 meters, with a marine conservation sponsorship.

Impact in the ecosystem
A second sponsorship benefits the female humpback whale SALT. For 46 years, WDC has accompanied the female, who lives mainly in the Gulf of Maine and has since given birth to at least 14 calves. Humpback whales grow up to 15 meters long and have a special importance in the Earth's ecosystem. Their excretions fertilize phytoplankton at the ocean surface, which produces oxygen, stores carbon in the ocean, and provides the food base for fish stocks.

Sustainability top priority
"The commitment to these fascinating animals, which are so crucial to the ecological balance, was important to us," explains Michael Dennerlein, Head of EH&S. "Protecting the environment is one of the fundamental values of our company." Sustainable use of resources, minimization of environmentally harmful impacts, and environmentally sound disposal of all residual materials are top priorities at Vink Chemicals. The two sponsorships each involve a donation of €2,500 to WDC.

Marine conservation sponsorship Vink Chemicals


Sponsorship for a humpback whale