Vink Chemicals | Vision & Corporate Policy



The following principles apply to all activities:

  • We align our activities to meet the needs of our customers, the interests of employees, owners, suppliers and the expectations of society.
  • We comply with the applicable legal regulations and other obligations that we have entered into, particularly including the protection of the environment and the prevention of avoidable environmental pollution.
  • We care about the constant improvement of the effectiveness of the management system, the improvement of our products and services and the improvement of environmental performance.
  • We follow the Vink vision and our VINK DNA.
    Please also refer to our Code of Conduct.


Fairness and responsibility are the maxims of our work. Respect for human and workers‘ rights is essential for us. We treat each other and our partners in a loyal and respectful manner. In our global business activities, we condemn all practices that are not based on trust, integrity, and fairness. We oppose all forms of corruption and unfair competitive practices. Safety, occupational safety, health and environmental protection, beyond the product and process chain, are foremost at Vink Chemicals. These standards are required to be shown by our employees and all persons acting on our behalf.


By fulfilling our social responsibilities, we understand the provision of outstanding product and service quality at competitive prices, delivery security for our customers and the continuous development of internal processes. For us, this means systematically determining and understanding the requirements of our customers, checking the feasibility of the orders, providing the necessary resources, monitoring the processes, correcting any deviations and determining the satisfaction of our customers. We work with reliable suppliers. Our employees are the guarantee that ensure results meet the requirements.
Our business and manufacturing processes work according to the principles of ISO 9001, including those of risk assessment and continuous improvement. In addition, the manufacturing processes at the Vink Chemicals site in Memmingen comply with the principles of the EFfCI GMP for cosmetic additives and take into account the Halal and Kosher standards.


We strive to promote the protection of the environment and the avoidance of environmental pollution. Our goals include the economical use of energy and raw materials, the sustainable use of resources, the minimalization of environmentally harmful effects, the avoidance of waste and using safe and environmentally friendly disposal methods. Our management system helps us to understand the impact of our actions by integrating environmental protection into our processes right from the start and to keep an open dialogue with our stakeholders. Our products belong in expert hands. Our sales partners and customers are advised and trained on how to use them properly.

Occupational safety and health protection, plant safety

For us, the safety and health biased design of our work is a necessary basis for the success of the company and the well-being of our employees. Occupational and plant safety, health protection and the humane design of work in our company have the same priority as the technical and business goals. Everyone in the company has an obligation to take the necessary measures to prevent injuries and illnesses. Our security management is continuously monitored, regularly evaluated and further developed.


We want to reduce our energy consumption in the long term and thus continuously improve our energy-related performance and the energy management system. The applicable relevant laws, regulations, official requirements and other demands are always observed. The necessary financial, human and information resources are made available to implement effective technological, organizational and behavioral change measures in energy management. We are aware that, despite our best efforts, our activities do have an impact on the environment and energy resources. It is therefore our duty to check, monitor and assess these effects and to avoid or minimize them in accordance with the overriding technical and economic conditions. When selecting raw materials, products and suppliers, environmental and energy-related aspects are always considered. In addition to striving for safe and profitable production and the constant improvement of our products, this idea is an integral part of our corporate DNA. Transparency and open communication across all levels of the company make it easier to gain both awareness and understanding of our own employees‘ energy management systems. We provide our customers with information about the environmental impact of the products we manufacture and the services we provide.

Data protection

We respect strict data protection rules for all our employees, each of whom has committed themselves in writing to comply with the statutory provisions and company rules on data protection. Personal data is protected against unauthorized collection, processing and use and in particular unauthorized access, disclosure and unnecessary storage or loss.