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Microbiological spoilage of water-mixed metalworking fluids is one of the biggest threats for quality assurance and work and process safety in the mass production of metal parts, for example in the automotive industry. With the grotan®, parmetol®, grotanol® & Vinkocide product lines, Vink Chemicals offers the metalworking industry a complete range of tailor-made biocides for all possible applications, such as preservation of metalworking fluid concentrates, post treatment of water-mixed metalworking fluids and microbiocidal system cleaners.

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Biocides for metalworking fluids

Vinkocide BB WM - Tailor-made preservation solution for Metalworking Fluids

The requirements for preservatives in the field of post-preservation of cooling lubricants in the metalworking industry (tankside treatment) have changed extremely in the recent past. With Vinkocide BB WM we have developed a tailor-made solution for the post-preservation of metalworking fluids!

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