Oilfield Drilling

We safeguard our customers products and assets in upstream to downstream applications.

Safeguarding your value chain

We offer new and innovative chemical products that are based on modern basic research and meet today's strict environmental, technical and quality requirements.

Biological Control

With well-founded specialist knowledge and experience in microbiology, Vink Chemicals offers biocides that are effective even under difficult conditions and that provide drilling fluids with robust protection against a broad microbial spectrum.

Drilling fluids, also known as drilling muds, are complex and perform several key functions in order to enable the drilling process. At the same time, due to their composition, they are a source of nutrients for microbes. They are therefore susceptible to contamination, which endangers their important drilling properties.

Our biocidal products are used as drilling mud additives that designed in such a way that the properties of the drilling mud are secured during operation and damage to the equipment from microbial damage is prevented.

H₂S Scavenging

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a naturally occurring gas found in many of the world's crude oils. Drilling hydrocarbon formations where H2S present requires good drilling practices and proper drilling mud selection, as H2S bearing formations can cause H2S carryover to the surface with drilling mud that concern safety of the personnel. Additional to safety related challenges, H2S causes severe corrosion of metal parts of drilling equipment. Thus, successful drilling fluid should be capable to provide protection of workers and inhibiting corrosion in addition to control formation pressure.
In response to evolving market needs, Vink Chemicals now offers an innovative, non-triazine based hydrogen sulfide scavenger. Our H2S scavengers are oil/water soluble that designed to effectively combat  potential problems that occur with H2S during drilling process.

Foam Control

During drilling and cementing application defoamers are essential component of operation to avoid exccessive foaming. The excess of foam can lead to operational and performance difficulties, such as pump cavitation or miscalculation of slurry density that is used to measure water/cement ratio. Foam control with the use of defoamers is significantly easying the process and cost of drilling and cementing operation esepcially in deepwater applications, where foaming can effect the overall performance of drilling and logistic operations.
Vink Chemicals supplies liquid and powder antifoams for aqueous and solvent-based systems with low and high pH values, based on mineral and vegetableoils and on silicone oils. This enables us to offer you a foam control solution for any possible application

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