Oilfield Production

We safeguard our customers products and assets in upstream to downstream applications.

Safeguarding your value chain

Vink Chemicals portfolio meets todays strict environmental, technical and quality requirements and offers innovative and highly effective solutions in a reliable, flexible and cost-efficient manner.

Biological Control

Vink Chemicals offers biocides that combat a broad microbial spectrum and thus prevent contamination and its serious consequences in oil production, including hydraulic fracturing processes and enhanced oil recovery treatments.

Water and nutrient-rich substances are present in very small to extremely large quantities during the entire production process. The anaerobic environment in subterranean reservoirs is particularly conducive to growth of biofilm-forming, sulfate-reducing microorganisms. These sulphate reducers metabolize specific sulphate sources and produce unwanted hydrogen sulfide (H2S). In the absence of effective microbial risk management (microbiological growth control), it can lead to a myriad of problems. Over time, this can include blockages in pipelines, the formation of biofilms as well as the bacterial generation of H2S and consequently microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC).

Crude oil production is very susceptible to microorganisms. Our biocides are designed to provide effective protection against harmful microbes. Due to their extraordinary properties, the products are suitable for use in various liquids and production stages, such as:

  • Injection water
  • Process water
  • Treatment of crude oil
  • Fracking

Wax Management

With an acquisition of Anticor Chimie, Vink Chemicals offers comperehensice wax management chemicals that combat paraffin issues and thus prevent organic deposition and its serious consequences in oil storage and transportation.
Crystallization and deposition of paraffin waxes causes billion dollars cost issues associated with shut off, lower production rate, underdeposit corrosion, chocking of flowlines and failure of equipments.

Vink Chemicals portfolio contains of wax killers that are versatile products acting directly on paraffin crystal structures, on crude oils rheological behaviours and finally on pipe protection by forming a liquid film preventing the paraffin from sticking to pipe walls. Our wax inhibitors can be used for a continious injection as preventive measure to inhibit the formation of deposits on the walls and deliver paraffin growth control, and wax  dispersants that can be used for  batch treatment as corrective measures to remove existing paraffin deposits without stopping production.
Our pour point depressant PPD's modifies paraffin crystallization, lowering the pour point, reducing oil viscosity and can significantly reduce the restart pressure.
Vink Chemicals support our partners and customers with complex approach by combining different properties chemistry to inhibit several issues associated with organic deposition.


With the acquisition of Anticor Chimie, Vink Chemicals has extensive experience on deploying crude oil demulsification chemistry.
During extraction, the shearing effect of flow in formation pores, pumps and completion restrictions leads to build up of more or less stable emulsions. Emulsion stability is increased by naturally occuring surfactants: naphthenic acids, amine or sulphur derivatives, organo-metallic compounds, and by treatment chemicals. Finely divided solids like iron sulfide, asphaltenes, paraffins, clays and silts can stabilize the emulsion, by concentrating at oil and water interfaces, thus preventing coalescence of dispersed phases.

Vink Chemicals demulsifier formulations are developed directly onsite providing customers with the most accurate results. We offer customized multi -functional emulsion breakers by adding asphaltene/paraffin dispersing properties and facilitating sand separation to avoid any possible addition of other contaminants.

H₂S Scavenging

In response to evolving market needs, Vink Chemicals now offers an innovative, non-triazine based hydrogen sulfide scavenger that can replace the established HHT (MEA triazine) solutions for the production phase.

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a poisonous, sour gas that occurs naturally in crude oil. Its occurrence in various produced streams - whether liquid, gaseous, or hydrocarbon based - is a known issue in oil and gas production and refining. H2S is generated by thermochemical, geological or biogenic processes. Not only does it represent a serious HSE risk (health, safety, environment), but it can also corrode pipelines and equipment, either through direct reaction with the metal or by general acid attack. These consequences are complicating and cost effecting the production processes.

Our H2S scavengers are oil/water soluble that are designed to effectively combat  potential problems that occur with H2S in oil, gas and water during the production process. Due to their extraordinary properties, the products are suitable for use in various phases and production stages, such as:

  • Treatment of crude oil
  • Treatment of produced/injected water
  • Treatment of gas phase

Asphaltene Management

With an acquisition of Anticor Chimie, Vink Chemicals gathered the knowledge of the first chemical manufacture that brought surfactant based asphaltene inhibitors to oil and gas market that enable us to offer optimized solutions for asphaltene treatment.
Deposition of flocculated asphaltene, when thermodynamic equilibrium distrupted,  can cause significant economic impact for crude oil production and transportation. These organic depositions may cause lost in well productivity, chocking of flowlines, failure of equipments and underdeposit corrosion. The behaviour of asphaltene deposition is complex and involve the distruption of resins and maltenes stabilizers.
Vink Chemicals offer asphaltene dispersing and inhibiting solutions that stabilizing and slowing down asphaltene deposit formation, as well as effectively dissolve  existing asphaltene deposits.
Vink Chemicals support our partners and customers with complex approach by combining different properties chemistry to inhibit several issues associated with organic deposition. In addition to direct asphaltene inhibition chemistry beneficial multipurpose  acting as emulsions breaking stabilized by asphaltenes are offered in our portfolio.

Water Clarification

Vink Chemicals can offer water clarification chemicals to improve oil in water separation for increased oil recovery and increased supply of re-used water from produced water.

Water volumes in the field are continuously increasing, especially with field maturity that can limit hydrocarbon production. With increasing demand on water purification for further re-usage or disposal, the oil in water separation is a necessary step to lower your costs and minimize facility disruption.

Our range of deoilersde-oilers enables residual oil separation from water to release oil-free water into a natural environment, conforming with local regulations and facilitating re-use of water in the production cycle.

Cleaning Agents

Vink Chemicals is your one-stop partner for microbiological contamination solutions. We support our customers with customized biocidal cleaners. To meet the growing demand in the industry we developed high performance non-biocidal biofilm removal solutions which work by desintegrating the biological structure within the biofilm and prevent new biofilm attachment on metal surfaces without the hazzle of biocide registration issues. Both types of cleaning agents are proven in the market. The use of biocides can achieve a greater effect through optimal industrial hygiene which saves costs and protects human’s health, assets and the environment. This also includes the removal of harmful biofilms in production facilities.

Flow Improvement

With an acquisition of Anticor Chimie, Vink Chemicals gathered the knowledge of flow improvement technology to boost your crude oil transportation.
Drag reducing agents DRA's chemisty allows to boost the production rate by consuming same amount of energy or even decreasing the pressue by maintaining laminar flow. Flow improvers is a chemistry that act on viscosity reduction of production fluid and improving its flowability.  
We offer  range of additives based on bio-sourced raw materials acting on a wide range of properties, such as viscosity reducers for heavy oils and destructuring agents for paraffin networks to ensure high efficiency and reach required systems flow.

Foam Control

During crude oil and gas production defoamers are essential component of operation to avoid exccessive foaming. The excess of foam can lead to operational and performance difficulties. Thus it is essential to implement foam control management to avoid production upset conditions.
Vink Chemicals supplies liquid and powder antifoams for aqueous and solvent-based systems with low and high pH values, based on mineral and vegetable oils and on silicone oils as well as versatile range of antifoams can be used at all stages of production process.

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