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We safeguard your cooling water system

Corrosion, clogging, and microorganisms are three of the biggest challenges in water treatment, more specifically in the cooling circuits of power plants, industrial plants, district heating systems and steam boiler installations. If left untreated, biofilms may spread and multiply unchecked within equipment and be responsible for a highly corrosive medium. In this case, biological pitting can damage machines and systems and leaks and blockages can cause pumps and valves to fail. Special attention should be given to the presence of pathogenic bacteria such as Legionella, which can multiply in the water circuit at sufficiently high temperatures.

Vink Chemicals offers a wide range of biocide formulations of product type 11, which include biocides for the protection of water and other liquids in cooling and processing systems against microorganisms, algae and mussels. We can assist you in choosing the right biocide for water treatment and help you to minimise the use of the biocide in the interest of the environment while keeping costs as low as possible.

Our products for water treatment:

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