Biocides for Industrial Applications

Vink Chemicals develops and manufactures biocides for industrial applications and distributes them worldwide. The use of these preservatives prevents the growth of unwanted microorganisms in well-known everyday products. This saves resources, extends product shelf life and protects our health. The pre-requisite for these benefits is proper and responsible usage.

Biocides are now present in numerous areas, including industry and households. In industrial applications technical preservatives are added to products such as paints, coatings, fuels and metalworking fluids to combat bacteria, yeast, mold or algae. These harmful organisms can damage materials or pose risks to human health and the environment. The use of biocides effectively prevents growth of these organisms, conserving resources and enhancing the lifespan and quality of the products. However, it is essential that these chemicals are handled properly and in compliance with relevant regulations. Stay informed and ensure the safe handling of our biocidal products.

If you have any questions regarding biocides and their application, feel free to reach out to our experts.