More than 206.5 tonnes of CO₂ emissions are saved by container returns

Vink Chemicals is committed to sustainability and environmental protection: by handing over used industrial packaging to the return service of specialist Witt & Co. in Hamburg, the company helped to save over 206.5 tonnes of CO₂ emissions in 2021.

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) are standard containers for liquid and free-flowing substances. They are used, for example, in the chemical industry. In 2021, Vink Chemicals returned more than 1,900 of such transport and storage containers to the Hamburg-based company Witt & Co. for reconditioning. The specialists for industrial packaging offer a return service that cleans used IBCs, reconditions them for re-use or recycles them. In this way, no completely new IBCs have to be produced - this saves CO₂ emissions, protects the environment and ensures more sustainability.

By sending 1,909 IBCs to the return service, Vink Chemicals 2021 contributed to a CO₂ saving of approximately 206.5 tonnes and received a corresponding sustainability certificate from Witt & Co. The inner container of 1,065 IBCs was recycled and 844 IBCs could be reused after cleaning.

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