New laboratory at Vink Chemicals in Kakenstorf

After more than a year of planning, the time has come: we have been able to move into our newly designed laboratory in Kakenstorf! It now has modern equipment as well as optimized and larger work areas that take our research and development to the next level. Each room has been carefully planned to ensure maximum efficiency and flexibility. For example, there was originally only one extractor hood, but the conversion has now resulted in a total of four extractor hoods being installed.

In addition to many other exciting tasks, Sangita Singh is also responsible for the laboratory. The Head of Product Development and Technical Services TB explained the tasks and objectives that we are pursuing with the laboratory.

Sangita, could you please briefly introduce yourself?
After successfully completing my Master's degree in organic chemistry, I mainly worked on the synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates, photoinitiators, fine chemicals and biocidal active ingredients. I joined Vink Chemicals in 2018 and am now responsible for product development from lab research to production. I also manage various applications of our biocide product range.

What was the reason for the expansion and modernization of the laboratory in Kakenstorf?
Due to our continuous growth, there was an urgent need to expand our work capacity to enable future innovative projects for the technical biocides, specialty chemicals and oil and gas divisions. We also support our new production site in Schwerin from here.

What activities have been added to the laboratory?
In addition to research and development, we have now expanded our activities to include an application laboratory to support our range of specialty chemicals. Here, all colleagues can work hand in hand in a great environment.

What are we researching and developing at Vink Chemicals?
We will continue to support our customers with tailor-made products or products for special applications. With our new laboratory, we can focus even more specifically on our research and development work for products that meet the latest regulations and are environmentally friendly.

What best practices do we use to optimize the use of biocides?
Vink Chemicals adheres to best practices, such as consulting with users. This includes conducting analytical and microbiological tests as well as industrial hygiene audits at our site in Memmingen. These efforts are aimed at developing working practices that maximize the efficient use of biocides and ensure product integrity throughout the supply chain.