New production facility in Schwerin

Vink Chemicals started construction of a new production facility in Schwerin ahead of schedule on 10 November. Around 45 attractive new full-time jobs in various areas will be created at the site in Schwerin's Göhrener Tannen industrial estate.

By choosing this location, Vink Chemicals is consciously focussing on Germany. Over 30 million euros are to be invested in the new plant. The start of the construction work was preceded by almost three years of hard work before early planning permission was granted. Among other things, compliance with all legal requirements and the highest safety and quality standards had to be demonstrated.

The construction of the new chemical plant will make it possible to produce a significant proportion of the raw materials required for the manufacture of technical biocides in-house. This will shorten transport routes and supply chains, such as to the company headquarters in Kakenstorf. Thanks to its closeness to the port of Hamburg, the important sea route is also quickly accessible. This saves time and reduces costs.