Online lecture by Vink Chemicals for the paints and coatings industry.

How can we preserve our products efficiently in the future? On 28 April 2022, the biocide experts from Vink Chemicals will give an online lecture for the German Association of Paints and Coatings Engineers (VILF) on the regulatory challenges in the paint and coatings industry and possible solutions.

The regulatory requirements are being further sharpened by the EU within the context of adjustments to the CLP Regulation (CLP = Classification, Labelling and Packaging). This poses new challenges for paint and coating manufacturers in the European economic area with regard to the preservation of their products. The number of biocidal active substances that may be used to preserve paints and coatings is slowly but surely being reduced. Labelling requirements are becoming stricter and the permitted use concentrations of biocidal products are getting lower.

Innovative combinations of active ingredients and application-specific plant hygiene can help to use biocides more efficiently. As part of the online presentation for the VILF, Vink Chemicals will provide an overview of the current and upcoming regulatory changes in the EU as well as possible solutions to address the new challenges for the paints and coatings industry in the future.


  • Anne Schmidt - Regulatory Affairs Manager
  • Andreia Jorge - Technical Support Manager | Technical Biocides

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