Successful trade fair: Vink Chemicals at Lubricant Expo Europe 2023

Vink Chemicals develops and produces technical biocides for industrial applications and distributes them worldwide. At the Lubricant Expo 2023, Europe's largest exhibition for lubricant solutions, we now presented new and proven products for metalworking fluids at the end of September.

Solutions for metalworking cooling lubricants

At the Lubricant Expo stand in Essen, Vink Chemicals presented, among other things, products and solutions from the field of technical biocides and chemical additives for the metalworking industry. The focus of the trade fair presentation was on the products Vinkocide BB WM and Vinkoflame TOF, which are ideally suited for metalworking fluids. Vinkocide BB WM is a water-miscible product with a broad antimicrobial spectrum against fungi, yeasts and bacteria. The hallogen-free plasticiser Vinkoflame TOF (trioctyl phosphate) is characterised by excellent low-temperature flexibility and is a flame retardant for plastics. It is used as an aqueous polymer dispersion and is well tolerated in EP, NBR, PU, PVC, PUR and NBR, among others.

If you have any questions about the products and their application, please do not hesitate to contact our expert Sebastian Jaap.

Sebastian Jaap