Vink Chemicals: Experts in chemical raw materials

Vink Chemicals is not only the all-round specialist for biocides: Based on its many years of experience with chemical raw materials, the company also offers a whole range of important chemical raw materials and specialty chemicals as commercial products according to the motto "Everything from a single source".

All products from a single source – a wide range of specialty chemicals and chemical raw materials

The specialty chemicals optimally complement the Vink Chemicals portfolio for the various user groups and create many synergies, especially for customers from the paint, coatings and construction industries. For example, ethylene-vinyl acetate-based dispersion powders are offered for defining the processing properties of all common building materials such as cement and gypsum mortars, tile adhesives, screed, or sealant and joint compounds. The setting accelerators Vinkotech CF and Kimix LiCO3 as well as the setting retarder Vinkotech TA (tartaric acid) together with the cellulose ethers of the KIMICELL and the powder defoamers of the Vinkotech ES family serve to define the setting times and consistencies of building materials in an application-oriented manner.

There are also silicic acid, PU (HEUR) thickeners, xanthan gum, fillers, titanium dioxide substitutes, other defoamers, pearlescent-effect pigments and aqueous polymer dispersions. Among other things, Vink Chemicals also sells versatile colour pigments such as the Kimix iron oxide range or two rutile types of titanium dioxides to meet the demand for high-quality white pigments. Amine-based catalysts, silicone-based foam stabilizers as well as Vinkoflame TEP, TOF or TCCP can be used equally as plasticizers and flame retardants and round off the specialty chemicals portfolio for the PU foam industry. Vink Chemicals thus offers consulting, development, biocide formulation and specialty chemicals as a "one-stop partner".