Vinkocide BB WM - Effective post-preservation for Coolants

Vink Chemicals has developed Vinkocide BB WM, a biocide formulation that keeps coolants for machine tools free from yeasts and molds in the long term. Vinkocide BB WM complies with strict biocide regulations and is easy to use.

To maintain the properties of coolant emulsions over a long period, they must be protected from mold, yeast and bacterial contamination. Vinkocide BB WM is a newly developed biocidal product for the post-preservation of coolants used in the metalworking industry. It is highly effective against molds and yeasts and due to its innovative formulation exhibits excellent water miscibility and self-emulsification.

Especially in the EU, the requirements for the post-preservation of coolants in the metalworking industry (tank-side treatment) have undergone significant changes in recent times. The choice of biocidal agents has become limited and many coolant concentrate manufacturers avoid using biocides to prevent labeling restrictions. Therefore, effective after-treatment is even more important.

The new formulation of Vinkocide BB WM utilizes the active ingredient BBIT. The blend is non-reactive with metals and remains application-stable for an extended period at high temperatures and at pH values of 7-12. Vinkocide BB WM is easy to handle and can be directly added and mixed into the system. It complies with EU guidelines for PT13 use, so there are no labeling requirements at the recommended use concentrations.