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Vinkocide BB WM - Effective post-preservation for Coolants

Vink Chemicals has developed Vinkocide BB WM, a biocide formulation that keeps coolants for machine tools free from yeasts and molds in the long term. Vinkocide BB WM complies with strict biocide regulations and is easy to use.

Long-term protection for sustainable HVO through conservation

In contrast to fossil fuels, HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil) is enjoying a growing demand in the industrial sector and as an additive in diesel fuel for everyday use. Biocide specialist Vink Chemicals has now investigated whether the effective fuel biocides grotamar® 71 and grotamar® 82 can also…

Biocides for Industrial Applications

Vink Chemicals develops and manufactures biocides for industrial applications and distributes them worldwide. The use of these preservatives prevents the growth of unwanted microorganisms in well-known everyday products. This saves resources, extends product shelf life and protects our health. The…