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grotamar®82: Production and distribution in good hands

The biocide specialist Vink Chemicals provides extensive portfolio of biocide products and among them is the marketable biocide brand grotamar that was owned previously by Schuelke & Mayr GmbH. grotamar®82 is well known biocide for diesel fuel and heating oil application, due to its outstanding…

Reclassification of zinc pyrithione

Zinc pyrithione (INN, CAS no.13463-41-7), the zinc salt of pyrithione (pyridine-2-thiol-1-oxide), has recently been reclassified. Changes in European Biocide legislation (BPR; EU. No 528/2012) have been driving the entire market of technical biocides in recent years and this will continue in the…

Vink Chemicals donates hand disinfectant

According to the German Federal Centre for Health Education, the hands are the most frequent carriers of pathogens. Careful cleaning and disinfection is therefore more important than ever in the current times.