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Based on many years of experience in chemical sourcing, we provide a broad range of Specialty Chemicals as well as other chemical raw materials. This Product Line complement our portfolio to deliver the right solutions in various applications to our customers.

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Dispersion powders

Dispersion powders are spray-dried polymer dispersions. During the production of cement or plaster mortar, the free-flowing and easily storable powders are distributed in the mixing water and so redispersed. This significantly improves the properties of cement- and plaster mortars.
Higher elasticity and reduced permeability are further positive effects of dispersible powders on cement- and plaster mortars, but also on sealing and jointing compounds, levelling and filling compounds, and facade coatings.


Vink Chemicals supplies liquid and powder defoamers for aqueous and solvent-based systems with low and high pH values, based on mineral and vegetable oils and on silicone oils. This enables us to offer you a solution to almost any problem – for construction chemicals, printing inks, paints and coatings, adhesives, paper and cardboard, cleaning agents, lubricants, water treatment or metalworking fluids and textiles. Powdered defoamers are also available for the dry mortar industry.


Together with our partner 20 Microns we can offer you a wide range of natural fillers such as barium sulphate, bentonites, diatomaceous earth, kaolins, mica, quartz, silicates and talc. The range of titanium dioxide replacement products from 20 Microns is also very interesting.

Setting accelerator

We supply calcium formate for cement mortars and tile adhesives under the trade name Vinkotech CF as well as lithium carbonate for self-levelling cement under the trade name Kimix LiCO3.

Setting retarders

Our tartaric acids show very good functionality in various dry construction chemical products. We supply synthetic tartaric acids with anti-caking agents and a particle size of 63 microns under the trade name Vinkotech TA and natural tartaric acids with anti-caking agents and particle sizes from 63 to 200 microns.

Cellulose ethers

Our own KIMICELL products for thickening of aqueous systems such as paints and coatings, adhesives, polymers, cleaning agents, paper products and specialities are based on CMC, HEC, biostable HEC B, EHEC, MHEC and HPMC.

Polymer dispersion

Our comprehensive range also includes aqueous dispersions based on
styrene, acrylate, copolymer, pure acrylate, Veova and vinyl acetate for wall and wood paints as well as sealants, adhesives and cement modifications.


Effect pigments

Under the trademark Vinkotech PP we supply natural and synthetic pearl pigments. The following colours are available: Silver, gold, interference-effect colours as well as Colorstream and magnetic types. These also include special-effect pigments that emit odours when pressure or friction is applied, for example, as well as thermochromic pigments that change colour with temperature, and pigments that react to UV light. In addition, there is the NASOL range with solvent-based transparent pigments based on nano and micro technology from our partner Kelly.


Iron oxide pigments

Our Kimix iron oxide range offers a good alternative to other types of iron oxide available on the market. We offer almost all colours in normal and micronised versions with good external stability and colour-fastness. All pigments are non-reactive, non-toxic and resistant to acids, bases and alkalis. They can be used for construction chemistry, joint mortar, paints, ceramics, asphalt and plastics.



Amine-based catalysts

Vink Chemicals currently sells the following REACH-registered amine-based catalysts: TEDA 33 DPG/MEG and TEDA 25 BDO from in-house production as well as DMCHA, DMEA, BDMA, BDMAEE and PMDETA.

Foam stabilisers

Together with our partner Productos Concentrol, we supply silicone-based foam stabilisers for a variety of PU applications. The products of the Concentrol STB PU brand offer very good properties, tailored to your polyurethane foam application from flexible to rigid foam.


Titanium dioxide

With our partner Kimix we offer two rutile types of titanium dioxide, which are produced by the sulphate process. KIMIX R92 is a white pigment for interiors with an Si-Al surface and R93 is a white pigment, for interiors and exteriors, treated with Zr-Al. Both can be used in a variety of ways in aqueous and solvent-based systems.

Plasticizer with flame retardant

Vinkoflame TOF (trioctyl phosphate) is a halogen-free plasticizer with excellent low temperature flexibility and is a flame-retardant for plastics. It is used as an aqueous polymer dispersion and is well tolerated in, among other polymers, EP, NBR, PU, PVC, PUR and NBR, as a binder for pigment pastes, as an additive for cutting oils, a release agent for metal processing, and as a solvent, e.g., for the production of hydrogen peroxide.




We carry two types of thickeners: The modified and non-modified silicas of the Vinkotech SIL brand make up one product group. They are inert and can be used in a variety of applications. They give your products flow, gloss, good spray resistance and ease of processing. The second product group are the Vinkotech PU types. These non-ionic, PU-based associative thickeners for aqueous systems in the low-, mid- and high-shear range are used in adhesives, silicone sealants, paints and coatings as well as epoxy and PU formulations.



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