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We formulate biocides with various antimicrobial substances such as isothiazolinones and formaldehyde releasers (with head-space effect). It is particularly important to understand possible chemical reactions when using isothiazolinones and formaldehyde releasers effectively and efficiently. Our experts can advise you with pragmatic technical and regulatory know-how and plant hygiene concepts to find the solution tailored to your needs.

We research, design, develop and produce formulations based on a wide range of biocidal actives. Our registered active substances CMIT/MIT, MIT, MBO, TMAD, HPT and BIT are used for preservative solutions in paint and coatings, protective agents for liquids in cooling and processing systems and metalworking fluids. They are also used in water treatment as slimicides. We provide film preservative solutions based on OIT, IPBC, Carbendazim, ZnPT, Terbutryn and Diuron. Other biocide formulations are also based on EDDM o-formal, Bronopol, Phenoxyethanol, DGH, DBNPA, BDA and Sodium Pyrithione.


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FAQs for Biocidal Products

Why do we need biocides?

Wherever there is moisture and a potential food source, there is the risk that microorganisms will grow. Many places, processes and products offer ideal conditions for microbial growth. This could pose risks to the health of humans and animals, and cause enormous economic damage, product defects and hygiene problems.

Biocides are therefore indispensable in modern industrial manufacturing as they extend product life and protect staff and equipment. Biocides reduce the consumption of energy and natural resources as well as the volume of waste due to their economic and social benefits.

What are biocides?

Biocides are chemical substances or microorganisms used to combat or control pests, microorganisms, or other undesirable organisms in various applications. They are used to ensure the functionality and safety of technical systems and materials.

In which applications are biocides used?

Biocides are used in very many applications in industry today. The technical preservatives are added to paints and varnishes, fuels or metalworking fluids, for example, among other things, to combat bacteria, yeasts and molds or algae.

What are the advantages of biocides?

The use of technical biocides prevents the growth of undesirable microorganisms. These microorganisms can otherwise lead to a threat to human and animal health, enormous economic damage, product defects as well as hygiene problems.

Are biocides safe to use?

Biocides are subject to strict regulations and must go through an approval process before they are introduced to the market. In the European Union, Regulation (EU) No. 528/2012 (Biocides Regulation) applies. Regulatory agencies review the efficacy and safety of biocides and their potential effects on humans, animals, and the environment. When used properly according to the instructions on the product, biocides are generally safe. However, it is important to observe the appropriate precautions.

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