stabicor® S 100

Ref: RSM029
Substances: MBO (USA and Non-EU + EU in non biocidal applications)

stabicor S100 is non-triazine based hydrogen sulphide scavenger that offers outstanding performance at low doses for greater performance.

stabicor® S100can be used in a wide pHand temperaturerange applications. This scavenger composition shows full water/oil solubility with no formation of insoluble polymeric precipitation . These benefits allow the use in treatment of hydrogen sulphide containing water, oil and multiphasestreams.
- Drilling (offshore and onshore)
- Multiphase (offshore & onshore)
- Crude Oil production (offshore & onshore)
- Gas production (offshore & onshore)
- Crude oil Treatment (Vessels & Pipelines)
- Terminal Storage
- Refinery Treatment

Product Benefits

  • Fully soluble in oil and water
  • No formation of insoluble polymeric precipitate
  • Low viscosity at low temperatures
  • Solvent-free
  • Highly stabile at use concentrations
  • Anti-corrosive properties
  • CEFAS Gold Banner
  • REACh registered

Product Types

  • Not applicable
Type of Contamination: Unknown
pH-Range:5 - 12
Temperature:< 100°C

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