stabicor® S 300

Ref: RSM049
Substances: MBO (USA and Non-EU + EU in non biocidal applications)

stabicor S 300 is non-triazine based neutral pH hydrogen sulphide scavenger that offers outstanding performance at low doses for greater performance

stabicor® S 300can be used in a wide pH range and applications. The neutral pH leads to an excellent brine compatibility and no negative impact on scale tendency, leading to sucessfull use in treatment of hydrogen sulphide containing water stream applications.
- Oilfield injection water
- Oilfield produced water
- Multiphase systems
- Drilling muds, Completion, workover, and packer fluids
- Gas storage wells and well systems
- Hydrotesting

Product Benefits

  • Ideal for use in aqueous and water miscible systems
  • Neutral pH
  • Excellent Brine compatibility
  • No scale tendency
  • Fast acting in Brine and Multiphase systems
  • Readily biodegradable
  • REACh registered

Product Types

  • Not applicable
Type of Contamination: Unknown
pH-Range:5 - 12
Temperature:< 100°C

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