Microbiology Laboratory

Vink Chemicals Technical Applications Service Centre

As per our policy - A team with our customers Vink Chemicals work together with the customers to ensure an optimum cost-effective biocide recommendations based on the scientific evaluation.   

At Memmingen site approximately 100 km west of Munich we have a highly motivated and dynamic team that brings more than 20 years of experience in the Technical biocide and Personal care applications, to create reliable customized solutions for each of our customers.

As part of our customer and research projects all microbiological tests, examinations and analytical evaluations are carried out in our well-equipped microbiology and analytical laboratories.  

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In addition, our specialists will be pleased to support you with their know-how and expertise in operational hygiene issues and fundamental questions about hygiene concepts. Based on our experience, we are able to address a wide range of application issues.

Our standard services cover the following areas

  • Hygiene Audits at the customer's facility (cyber audits?)
  • Investigation and Identification of the causes of recurring microbial contaminations
  • Evaluation of correct dosages of the preservative
  • Dry film tests according to EN 15457/ 15458
  • Disinfection tests (e.g. according to EN 1040)
  • Germ reduction tests for the contaminated samples
  • Isolation and Identification of microorganisms from the contaminated samples
  • Cultivation of various microorganisms
  • Sterility tests of unpreserved samples
  • Quantification of the biocides in the customer products
  • Stability testing of the biocides in the customer products

Furthermore, we are experienced in microbiological tests for plastic films, plastics, WPC (Wood Plastic Composites), wood varnishes, weathering tests (with sprinkling, dewing and solar radiation) as well as various climate chamber tests.