Plant hygiene

Tailored plant hygiene concept to your individual needs

Sanitation is the beginning, not the end, of the production cycle

Individually tailored plant hygiene advice from Vink Chemicals’ team of experts on site ensures that biocides are used effectively. Better results can be obtained from biocides if good industrial hygiene is applied. This saves money and helps the environment. It also includes combating harmful biofilms in production plants. Their formation can be reduced with effective cleaning measures. We can also advise you on general industrial hygiene and we offer regular hygiene monitoring.

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System Cleaning

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What are the challenges?

Possible biofilm

  • Partial or entire contamination of the batch

  • Expensive returns of goods

  • Re-production of goods

  • Product liabilities

  • Customer dissatisfaction

  • All costs incurred due to the disposal of the contaminated products according to the local legislation

Optimized use of biocides to
fight microbial contamination

  • Regulatory and legal issues (reclassification of biocides)

  • Germs can eventually develop resistances -> Increase in biocide application concentration

  • Risk for exceeding the labelling limits of the end-product

Decreased flow or clogging of the system because of product residues

  • Increase of shutdown times

  • Reduction in intervals between maintenance

  • Increase in maintenance costs

Why is a smart production hygiene important?