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Always up-to-date and state-of-the-art

Our expertise is always up-to-date and state-of-the-art. This is ensured by in-house research and development in our ultra-modern lab. We analyse the behaviour and composition of the active substances in the end products and determine the optimal concentration of use and the stability based on time or other parameters. We use both conventional, time-proven analytical methods as well as the latest, time-saving methods currently available. In our research and development department we not only work on new products and formulations, but also find an optimal solution for your existing products if they need to be modified for use with a different biocide.

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Innovation Management

The chemical industry is facing globally more and more legal regulations about the safe use of biocidal products and chemicals in general. Therefore, how to deal with these up-coming and steadily changing environments is part of the Innovation process at Vink Chemicals.
Therefore, the search for new solutions which are compliant with the legal frame in different geographies is essential for the success of our R&D activities. The base of our Innovation concept is the knowledge about:

  • The Legal environments (e.g., BPR; FIFRA; REACh, TSCA, VOC-regulation etc.)

  • Market trends e.g., Sustainable products (green), Carbon footprint, Competitor Activities, Booster technologies

  • Customer orientation

  • Searching for new chemicals with low(er) hazard potential (e.g., biobased or green raw materials)