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Our lab experts help you to determine the stability of our biocide formulation in your product and to find the optimal solution for your application. For this purpose we have our own high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and UV diode array detector (UV DAD) for isocratic and gradient separation, in addition to a mass spectrometer. We also have the capability for post-column derivatisation. Of course, we also measure all required physical parameters and determine the water activity (aw value).


Technical consultation is an integral part of our customer service. We support your product development with respect to the selection and utilization of biocides and cooperate with you to find the best solutions for your specific task. This includes plant hygiene, toxicology, ecotoxicology, regulatory issues, and all aspects of the correct, efficient and economical use of biocides. Contact us if you have any questions. Our technical staff will be glad to provide on-site consultation.

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